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Criminal Record Services

Telephone: 01942 609365




Locations Covered: East Sussex, Sussex, London, South, UK

Specialist Services: DBS Checks, CBS Checks, Enhanced Checks, Criminal Record Checks

Criminal Records Services provides Criminal Record Checks from any country from within the European Union (EU) enabling UK companies to check the criminal history (CRB & DBS Checks) of any employee they recruit from the (EU) from their country of origin.

Criminal Records Services also process Criminal Record Checks for companies who employ staff working abroad or individuals who are leaving the UK to work abroad or EX-PATS who need one for any other reasons.

They can perform sector specific crb checks, dbs checks and enhanced criminal record checks, such as dbs checks for health sector, transport sector and more. If you would like more information about Criminal Records Services or for a criminal record check, simply visit: